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£483m Investment to Improve School Buildings
- July 5, 2021

School pupils in England are set to benefit from improvements to school facilities, thanks to almost half a billion pounds being invested in school buildings this year.

£483 million from the Condition Improvement Fund will go to 1199 schools, with the North East and North West each set to receive the largest allocation in funding across all English regions, with £93 million for 273 successful schools.

Many of the projects funded via the Condition Improvement Fund will see improved classrooms and more energy-efficient buildings, and will reduce energy bills for schools as well.

The new School Rebuilding Programme announced by the Prime Minister last year is also on track, with the first 50 schools – supported by £1 billion in funding – confirmed in February. The Government is committed to spreading opportunities across the country and ensuring every child can learn in a high-quality, supportive environment.

Site inspections and detailed planning work is under way, meaning construction of the first projects will begin in autumn 2021.

Schools Minister Baroness Berridge said: “Alongside our ambitious rebuilding programme for schools over the next decade, this Government is making sure children learn in the best possible environments, providing every school with the financial support it needs to Build Back Better for its students.

“Schools are the centres of our communities and both pupils and staff need to have up-to-date classrooms to learn and work in. That’s why the Government is spending £1.8 billion this year alone to improve school buildings.”

Local authorities, larger multi-academy trusts and Voluntary Aided school bodies – for example, dioceses – were allocated condition funding earlier in the year in accordance with the latest data on their estimates. Smaller academy trusts as well as sixth form colleges are able to submit bids for funding via the Condition Improvement Fund process, for essential maintenance and upgrades.

The Government expects to confirm a further 50 projects in the next wave of the School Rebuilding Programme later this year. Projects will range from replacing or refurbishing individual buildings through to whole school rebuilds.

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