£4.2m EU funds to construct new business units in Anglesey, Wales
David McQuade - July 25, 2017

More than £4m EU funds will be invested to construct new business units to support Anglesey’s growing low carbon energy sector, Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford.

The development at Bryn Cefni Business Park will provide over 1,300m² of office, light industrial and storage space for businesses on the former Môn Training site and over 750m² of office space at the Anglesey Business Centre.

The construction is part of wider plans to develop Anglesey’s Enterprise Zone and Energy Island Programme.

Work is expected to begin in early 2018 with the units being ready for businesses in early 2019.

Finance Secretary, Professor Mark Drakeford, said:

“I am delighted EU funds are being invested to construct high quality business premises to support the growing employment and supply chain opportunities stemming from the nuclear and energy sector in the region.

This will help create a business-ready employment hub that will assist the region to attract inward investment and capitalise fully on the developments created by the Energy Island Programme.”