Our Pillars

The 6 pillars or themes which CompeteFor will champion and deliver in the development of supply chains to achieve economic growth and community benefit are:

  • Delivering Transparency — Giving suppliers the chance to win opportunities within major supply chains
  • Local & SME engagement — Helping identify and develop potential suppliers to be business ready and fit to supply with a special focus on participation by SMEs and local businesses.
  • Driving Innovation and Value — Promoting competition in supply chains as a driver to both innovation and better value for money.
  • Enablement and Capacity Building — Providing both suppliers and buyers the tools, ‘know how’ and experience to achieve their goals in competitive procurements.
  • Supplier Diversity — Helping identify and develop potential suppliers from all business types, sizes, locations and ownership profiles which provides true competition and choice for buyers
  • Supply Chain Visibility — Providing buyers real time visibility and management information on the tiered supply chain to support forward planning and risk management