Our Objectives

CompeteFor was originally set up to:

  • Ensure accessibility and transparency of new supply chain opportunities arising from the London 2012 Games
  • Maximise diversity of businesses contributing to the London 2012 programme
  • Create a legacy of increased business capacity and expertise

To deliver against our new pillars of supply chain development, we have developed a new set of detailed objectives.

Delivering Transparency

  • Provide transparency of new business opportunities arising from publicly funded capital projects
  • Promote the opening up of new business opportunities at every level of a capital project’s supply chain
  • Improve market knowledge and promote expertise

SME and Local Business Engagement

  • Facilitate the development of UK businesses by promoting links to business support services
  • Allow SMEs and local businesses access to major capital infrastructure project’s supply chains

Driving Innovation & Value

  • Ignite innovation and invigorate competition
  • Promote new approaches, products and services
  • Improve value for money for public sector investments

Enablement and Capacity Building

  • Build a business network to ensure a lasting legacy of the London 2012 Games
  • Facilitate access to key decision maker suppliers and buyers
  • Support for buyers and suppliers – training, advice and support desk
  • Enable economic development and environmental and social sustainability
  • Support job creation and retention

Supplier Diversity

  • Provide buyers with access to a wide and diverse network of business expertise
  • Maximise the range and diversity of suppliers benefiting from capital project spend
  • Provide opportunities for all sizes, backgrounds and types of businesses
  • Increase prime contractor supplier choice

Supply Chain Visibility

  • Visibility of supply chain opportunities through genuine calls for competition
  • Strategic and operational support for buying programmes wishing to open up supply chains
  • Develop new prime and subcontractor Supply-chain relationships