What and how

Tideway aims to provide prospective companies across all tiers with visibility of both Tideway and its supply chain’s requirements and opportunities.

Opportunities will fall into two categories: direct with Tideway and indirect with Tideway’s Tier 1 Contractors and associated supply chain.

Tideway is a publicly funded project and is therefore subject to the Utilities Contracts Regulations. Direct opportunities valued above the EU thresholds will be advertised through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Smaller direct contracts (below EU thresholds), where appropriate, will be advertised on CompeteFor.

Indirect opportunities will start to be made available through CompeteFor once our Tier 1 contractors have been appointed in 2015. Tideway will require Tier 1 Contractors to advertise all appropriate opportunities for suppliers on CompeteFor. Once you have registered your business and published a CompeteFor business profile, you will automatically receive email alerts for appropriate tender opportunities.


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