Workshop 4 – Your Rights to Information – and Challenge – South of England – £115.00


One of the best reasons to supply the public sector is that you have rights to information and challenge...but do you know what these rights are?

Transparency is one of the main principles in public sector procurement and it should be liberally applied throughout the procurement process from the initial advert to the information provided through debriefs at the end of the process. The main reasons to seek information are to work out whether or not you have been fairly treated and – importantly – how you might improve your offering and presentation for future tender opportunities. For these reasons all feedback should be meaningful.

If you have previously not received enough information from public sector organisations, this event will describe how you can use the Freedom of Information Act to leverage the information you need.

Sufficient information allows you to decide whether or not you have been fairly treated. This event will also discuss when and how challenges can be brought against the public sector. Instructing a lawyer to issue a legal challenge is only one of many ways in which to challenge the public sector.

We will examine the Remedies regulations, which provide much of the legal backdrop on how to challenge the public sector including the forms that challenge must take, the timescales around challenge and what you can expect when you make a challenge.

Learning Outcomes

Attending this PASS workshop will help you to:

  • Understand the information you should receive at various points, both within and outwith the procurement process
  • Know what level of detail you should reasonably expect when receiving or requesting information
  • Understand what questions you can ask in different situations
  • Understand your rights to challenge and the range of routes to challenge


12.40 – Registration and Coffee
13:00 – Start

What are your rights to information before, during and after the tendering process?

  • Contract Notice
  • Prior Information Notice
  • Buyer Profile
  • PQQ and Tender Documents
  • VEAT Notice
  • Contract Award Notice
  • Debriefing

Freedom of Information Acts (UK and Scotland)

  • What is the process?
  • hat are the exemptions the buyer may apply?
  • How can you protect your own commercial information?
  • Is the timing of an FOI request likely to change the response?


  • What is the Standstill Period?
  • What is Ineffectiveness?

Legal challenge and Judicial Review

How should you deal with risk and business continuity in your tender response?

Discussion on Legal Case Study

What other routes are there to challenge?

Coffee: 14.30
Finish: 16:00
Agenda and timings may be subject to change.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for all suppliers, who want to improve their offering for future opportunities, whether they are already successful or unsuccessful in winning public sector business. Similarly, any suppliers who feel they have received an unsatisfactory debrief or were unfairly treated will learn their rights to information and challenge through this event.

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