HS2 announces that they will be using CompeteFor to publicise indirect spend

“The pace of HS2’s development is accelerating so we’re ready to hit the ground running, assuming Royal Assent in 2016. It is excellent to see such massive support and interest from industry in making HS2 a reality and this is a great opportunity for us to meet companies from across the country.”

As part of their commitment to engaging SME’s, HS2 will use CompeteFor to promote their indirect spend. CompeteFor is the supply chain portal used for the London Olympics and other large infrastructure projects, including Crossrail and Thames Tideway Tunnel. It promotes open and sustainable supply chains and allows flow down of opportunities to reach smaller businesses.

If you are a company looking to supply to the HS2 project, you should register and set up your business profile now at https://www.competefor.com/business/nru/home.html.