Brent Contracts

A simple and efficient way for you to access contract opportunities offered in Brent and across London.

At Brent Council, we are committed to giving Brent-based suppliers the opportunity to provide goods and services to the council and other businesses wherever possible. To demonstrate our commitment to enhancing economic growth, we have created an easy way for local businesses to bid for contracts in Brent and further afield. We have joined the CompeteFor partnership programme to provide you with a single portal where you can access contract opportunities and issue your own supply chain contracts.

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By signing up to CompeteFor, you can access the following benefits:
Easy access to bid for contracts offered by Brent Council
Free promotion of your company profile, allowing Brent buyers to easily identify your business when we are looking for suppliers to provide goods or services. Receive daily email alerts based on your supplier profile, telling you about a range of business opportunities across a variety of sectors and industries
Awareness of supply chain opportunities within Brent contracts, as well as those from organisations such as Transport for London, Crossrail and the Greater London Authority and their suppliers
Greater transparency in who wins our contracts – you can find out who has been shortlisted for and awarded Brent Council contracts when we use CompeteFor to find suppliers
Easily select the business categories that fit the types of goods and services you provide and wish to offer